4Ruben Rivera came to the United States from Mexico at the age of 12. Even at such a young age Ruben knew the value of a great opportunity, so he came to the U.S. with his brother’s family so that he would have a better education and make use of the skills afforded to him in this country. Upon arriving in the U.S. he quickly learned English in order to communicate in school and the world in general. As a result of his dedication Ruben was fluent not only English, but he had also managed to learn Spanish. Yeah, I know what you are thinking… Ruben is from Mexico! He should already know Spanish. Like many misconceptions… Ruben’s native language is Mixteco.

Ruben’s determination to achieve his dream resulted in him receiving his diploma and barber’s license at the same time. To acquire greater skill in cutting hair, Ruben volunteered his time in the community. He dedicated a great deal of effort and time to learn new techniques, always keeping close in mind the dream of owning his own shop!

Ruben loves what he does!! All of Rubens clients are wonderful and have made his job so easy and rewarding. This wonderful interchange has led to many partnerships with many of his clients.

Ruben’s first dream came true when he married Natalie, the love of his life since he was 16!! His life has been truly fulfilled since their marriage! Now with his life partner they both set out to fulfill the dream of owning a barbershop. Ruben’s purpose from the beginning was to make sure that he could offer high quality cuts and services while keeping the prices quite affordable! PV Barbers does that! Both Ruben and Natalie strive to ensure their shop is family friendly and where everyone will feel welcome!